When You’re 18

Don’t worry…I’ll post my “time to dress” later today, but I wanted to get a few things off my chest first. Stick with me…this is a happy tale. It’s about to REALly long.

Yesterday I spoke of my sister’s visit and the “omg I miss college, but so thankful I have what’s in my life” moment. I spoke with Falon about sororities, majors, boys, social events, classes, dorms, roommates, budgets, etc. Then I got to thinking even more about my life…and how funny it is that God puts you right where you need to be if you just let him. My sister looks at my “now” life from a 10hr away lens and thinks I’ve got it made and that everything just fell into place, easy peasy mac-and-cheesy. Darn it…now I’m hungry. I was flattered, truly, but quickly informed her things are not always what they appear to be.

Let’s take a look back at how I got to where I am today. Let’s start at senior year of high school. I want to move south. I want to live in the land of warm weather, warm smiles and warm hearts. College is the time to do that. Get out of your town, try something new. Your town will always be there, doing what it’s always done, you CAN go back. I have applied to Clemson (visited), with the University of Tennessee (never visited) as my backup (not too many people know that part).

The letters come in the mail. That’s a “No” from Clemson, and a “Yes” from Tennessee. I had never heard a “No” before when it came to things society calls accomplishments. I was in the honor society, made every team, got every job I applied for, every boyfriend I liked (ha). That one hurt. I made it to HS graduation and now was going to be an Interior Design Major at the University of Tennessee.

Please ignore my way tan and way blonde self...I was 18

Then it was time for another adventure. Time to move 10 hours away. Time to find out what sorority life was like. Time to go through recruitment. I wanted to be an AΔΠ OMGSOBAD before getting to UT based on their website (ha). Released round 1. By the end of releasing and being released my remaining 3 were staring me in the face. AXΩ, ΔΖ and ΔΓ. I put them in that order, as they were in that order on my pref card. That night I went to bed having a terrible dream. I woke up sweating and freaking out and called my Gamma Chi at 3:30 in the morning asking if I could switch my order. “No sweetie, it’s too late, but don’t worry…everything will work out as it should.” That wasn’t the answer I wanted. I went to Bid Day shaking so hard. Opened my card, and BAM! Welcome to AXΩ! I went upstairs where I saw the girl who preffed me (later my big) who gave me the biggest hug and started crying. Gamma Chi was right. I met my best friend that day, and we remain best friends to this day. I never would have met her if I would have been in another chapter.

Love my BFF

3 months later I changed my major. Out with Interior Design, in with Advertising.


Now let’s get to the boys. I came to college without a boyfriend which was a super brilliant move. I was free to hang out with my girlfriends til whatever time in the morning without having the “check-in” or update anyone. I was going to be the single til 30 type. Move to some big city working for an ad agency, settle down later. I did see a very special man my freshman year, but we’ll get back to that. I dated in college, nothing too serious. I look back happily on that. It allowed for more of this mess:

Another Wow

Fast forward and I take an internship in Knoxville. It turns into a job too good to pass up for that big city I mentioned above. I later (3 years) decide to make a move to Nashville. There’s that big city, but now I’m working for a healthcare company.

The man I mention from freshman year is now my husband. I like when hubs tells the story, and it deserves its own post. I’ll just say for now that it took a lot of frogs, heartache and 6 more years before we would meet again and begin dating. I thank the Lord every day for putting my husband in my life, and for making those frogs hippity-hop right along.

So you see, at 18 you know everything. Everything is boring. It’s the knowing nothing that is fun. Enjoy little one, the world is yours for the taking!!! This song has always been and will continue to be yours…


2 thoughts on “When You’re 18

  1. Ok, can’t lie, I teared up at this post. I love it! And I love to see where God brought you. If you hadn’t of moved 10 hours away AND changed your major, we wouldn’t be friends. Thank you Jesus for that! Love you!

  2. Got it! I love this post! Very thoughtful and totally true! I’m so glad I have a BFF to go through all life’s crazy ups and downs! I also live that we live parallel lives from afar!

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