A Weekend in Chattanooga

Hubs and I had an evening away over the weekend. We headed east-ish to Chattanooga for the day/night.

We went to the aquarium, which is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. I’ve got to admit it…once I saw was it’s the river outside of the aquarium which is also what’s most likely to be in Watts Bar, I FREAKED. I cannot believe I get in the water with critters bigger than me. NOT OKAY. They had a fake dock and boat set up on the surface so you could see what’s near the surface and which critters live 30 ft down. I honestly thought it was just minnows kissing me under the water around the dock…NOPE. I was very wrong. It will take a few weeks to get me to think about going back into the water. I knew there were Gar, I see them jumping in the early morning. I guess I didn’t think those Gar could actually STAB me!!! Some of the fish highlights (and what I fear most):

Spotted Gar

Alligator Gar (Yikes)

Lake Sturgeon

We stayed at the Hampton Inn right downtown with all of our Hilton points. Pro for hubs traveling so much! I have to say I was blown away! Hampton Inn doesn’t have the best reputation…but man they proved me wrong. The courtyard had a heated pool along with a fireplace and firepit that ran the entire time. Hubs, can I have this….puh-lease???


Our room was also very nice…we will stay here again fo sho!

Swinging TV


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