Time to Dress Tuesday: Super Bowl Party Edition

I’m not a fan of football jerseys on women. Just not my thing. There’s just something I don’t like about oversized anything. I’ve ranted on about this before in another post about workout clothes. I just feel like you should show what you’ve got and wearing mens’ shirts isn’t gonna do it. Granted I love a men’s button down around the house, but we won’t go there…


Back to what to wear for a super bowl party. You want to look casually cute. It IS a football game after all, not prom. Even if you’re just in it for the food and commercials.

j.crew Earrings; Essie Polish; Elle Skinny Jeans; Asos Slippers; Cardigan


1. Heels. Unless they’re on boots

2. Dresses. Remember that prom thing I mentioned above?

3. Sweat_______. This is a social event people, not you and your _______ laying around like every other Sunday evening. Leave the lounge wear for when you get home.


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