A Wonderful Weekend in Review!

I’ll get some photos up soon, but I wanted to give a weekend recap FULL of surprises!

I was told to be home Friday night by 6:00. When I got home my husband was in his PJ’s….um ok. He told me we were going to be doing a low key night and heading to my 2nd favorite restaurant. That sounds like a perfect date night to me! He told me he was heading downstairs to pick up some ginger ale, and when he returned Joe and Becca were in tow! AHHHH! I had just talked to Becca two days before and she said she was busy all weekend with junior league items.

Then Joc presented me with Journey tickets….JOURNEY TICKETS! I just about fell over. This girl loves her some 80’s….anything and everything. The concert was amazing and I have to thank my momma for being the 80’s band fan that she is because I knew every.single.word.of.every.single.song! I was belting it out the entire evening.

Saturday morning we went to lunch and then Becca had a baby shower to attend. Joc told me we needed to (finally) unpack from out ski trip a few weeks ago. Seriously?!? No sir, I did not want to unpack at that very moment. I was on a concert and friend high. Well…he made me and BAM! there was the purse I posted in a previous post. I screamed and jumped up and down!!! I was not expecting any gifts, and then I got the very one thing I’ve been wanting for about six months. Here it is in all it’s glory…

Saturday night we were heading to my very favorite restaurant (in the plans). When we walked in and I gave them our names they quickly told me the rest of our party was at the bar. Say WHAT? Yup, Ashley, Nathan and Travis were all there! Aftin would be joining us later but had a girl’s night planned way before this weekend was created.

We then headed back to the in-laws where Ashley brought along some AMAZING cupcakes. It was a night filled with laughter and games. I am so blessed to have these people in my life and more importantly THE BEST HUSBAND IN THE WORLD!

Saturday was my FIL’s birthday, so we went to dinner Sunday night to Wild Ginger to celebrate. Hello caloric splurge… ice cream and boston cream pie! What a great weekend!!! Can’t wait to post some photos…


One thought on “A Wonderful Weekend in Review!

  1. I agree, you DO have the best husband, a man of God who loves you as much as I do!!!!!!!! One who thinks it is important to show you how much of a gift you are to him. God is good.

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