Chocolate, anyone?

So, in case you haven’t heard…chocolate can be a great refuel after a run. And when I say chocolate I really meant chocolate milk.

From fitness magazine: Drinking plain water after exercise replaces sweat losses — and that’s it. “Chocolate milk provides carbohydrate replenishment to your muscles — something they can metabolize,” said Jason Karp, MS, another researcher for this study. “There’s nothing to metabolize in water.”


Well nowwwwwwwww, there’s an even better reason to add some amazingness to your run! I saw this little gem in food network magazine: “Give yourself a reward before you hit the gym: Dark chocolate might increase your exercise performance, according to a new study. University of California researchers gave mice a dose of epicatechin, a purified form of cacao’s most prevalent flavonoids, and had them hit the treadmill. The mice ran 50% farther and faster then the control mice, who received water. The experts predict similar results in humans, but don’t go celebrating with a king-size candy bar: You need only 5 grams (about the size of one Hershey’s Kiss) to reap the benefit.”

Double sold.

Glad I didn’t give chocolate up again for Lent this year. Instead I chose cheese, which deserves a post of its own. Le sigh.


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