Can’t We All Just Dork Along?

If you’ve been around the hubs and I for a weekend straight, you have probably caught me calling him a dork. Normally associated with a cough. You know the kind, the one where you cough and say a word at the same time. I mean this is in the most loving way…you see I love his dorkiness. I love that his undergrad degree is in engineering. I love that his masters is in healthcare. I love that we have conversations about physics (you’re still reading? DORK).

I pray some day that our possible kid is a dork. Dorks grow up to be your boss, steal your girlfriend and drive Ferraris. BAM!

So last week we had a hilarious email chain that I feel you need to be a part of…and yes, this is EXACTLY word for word. This convo occurred on 3/14.

ME: A fatter version of our some day dork child…because let’s face it, our kid better be a dork. By the way….happy Pi day 🙂

HUBS: A few thoughts…
I wasn’t much thinner at thy age.
I can’t believe I watched almost all of that clip
Thank you, do you actually know what the importance of pi is without googling it?
ME: Yes….it’s the ratio of ANY perfect circle’s circumference to it’s diameter. BAM! Eat that humble sandwich. DORK.
And that my friends…is why we’re married. One big happy dork family.

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