A Beyond Fun Weekend

The weekend was spent in Savannah, GA celebrating the upcoming wedding of my friend MB, soon-to-be-ML.

Due to work circumstances, I was able to attend for 24 hours instead of the entire weekend as previously planned. I’m just glad I got to go at all. Word to the wise though, getting up at 2:45 for a flight and not going to bed until 3:30 the next morning will take several days to recover from. We ain’t 21 anymore ladies.

We had such a great time. We caught up on our lives at this point in time, and told far too many stories the rest of the time. My how things have changed in our lives, but our friendships have remained the same. We can go a year or so without seeing  or speaking to each other then BAM! we’re right back where we left off. It’s a wonderful feeling. Now, it would be a post of mine without some pictures…so here we go! *Don’t worry ladies, I’m keeping it PG…also I didn’t take any pictures from the 2nd bar….hahahahaha


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