Settling In

The condo is officially signed, sealed, and delivered. We are legally homeless, yet not homeless at all. It’s a weird feeling, in a good way.

Pros: I’m loving having a big kitchen, getting back into a big (regular) gym, having puppies to snuggle with, my own bathroom, 2.0 mile commute, safer running streets

Cons: No longer have a gym upstairs, snuggling on a giant couch, my DVR, grocery store on first floor

When I moved from Knox to Nash, I really missed the structure and classes of a real gym. I missed my workout buddy too (Hey, BK!) who would make me feel guilty if I tried to skip out. As soon I took my first step into the Y here in town I was right back to the motivation I used to have. Don’t get me wrong…I worked out HARD in my downtown upstairs gym, but it’s just not the same. Now, I have the same man at the front desk every morning at 5:00am to judge me when I walk in. I know he’s just waiting to see if I show up, since I’m a local celeb and all. I love that I can start taking spin classes again! Anyone wanna join? They start at 5:15. See ya there.


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