Weekend Review

Yeah, I know…day late.

Last weekend was a little cray cray. We were to be heading to the lake as soon as I got off work. I left work at 2:30!!! Headed home, and found out since the lake was super low (still is) that we wouldn’t be able to put the boat in for the season. A family decision was made to stay in town for the weekend.

We call up the T family to see if they wanted to do a pizza night. We grabbed 3 pizzas from Bella Napoli in Cool Springs (GO THERE NOW) and headed south to the T’s house. We spent the evening catching up and going to visit their new lot. Super fun evening!

Saturday morning we had chocolate chip pancakes (see a theme here?) and then decided to go to the track for a run. After running a few miles, the hubs and I decided to do some 100 meter sprints. He always beats me but one of these days I will win. We checked 8 – 100 meter full out sprints off our list and called it a day.

For lunch…eh, I forget…then we cleaned up for dinner. We went with the S family to Boxwood Bistro and enjoyed some live music and delicious food. We also did some serious people watching including a fundraiser where individuals were dressed up like they were going to church (on Easter) as well as a bunch of prom kids. Such beautiful dresses! We then made a last minute decision to go see the movie Five Year Engagement. Highly recommend. It was funny…and kept me entertained. Hard to do with a full belly after 8pm.

Sunday morning we had pecan french toast, then decided to be lazy. It was a BEAUTIFUL day outside. We watched the movie Young Adult. Don’t bother…it was terrible. Too real life and uber depressing. After that I needed a pick me up, so milkshakes were in order. I mean ice cream does solve ALL problems. I made them with frozen yogurt, vanilla almond milk and sugar-free chocolate syrup. They were soooooo delicious. Even hubs loved them, enough to ask for another! Then we went for quick walk through the neighborhood and looked at details of homes we can incorporate into our house plans. It was a slow, but much needed day off.

Next weekend we’re headed to the lake with the T family! The water is still too low for the boat, but we know how to have a good time on land 🙂

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