Yeah, sometimes it sucks…

People always ask me, how in the world do you workout every day?

Well, I don’t…but I do try to get in at least 5 good workouts a week. Trust me, you want me to do this. Otherwise I’m not my usual rainbows and unicorns self.

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Now, onto timing. I enjoy working out in the morning. If it doesn’t happen before 10am, there’s a 95% chance it ain’t happenin’. I’ve found that at 5am I’m still half asleep, the weather is cooler, no traffic, the gym is less crowded, and I have the rest of the day to do whatever I want. O and if someone says, “Hey, let’s do _______ tonight!” I can totally say yes without the guilt of not getting in my workout for the day.

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Getting out of bed is not always easy. Here is how I handle the situation. My alarm clock is across the room. It’s a lot harder to hit snooze when you actually have to get up and turn it off. I set out all of my clothes before going to bed, right beside my alarm clock. Sports bra, top, bottoms, socks. Phone, earphones, hair tie, bobby pin, water bottle and keys laying right on top. Running shoes on the ground. This way I’m not fumbling in the morning looking for whatever. No excuses.

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On the very rare days that I do hit that snooze button, when I wake up later and am leaving for work and grab those keys, I look at those clean workout clothes laying there and am a little disappointed in myself. Hey, whatever motivates you…

Just this morning, I had to have a long talk with myself in the mirror to get out the door. I told myself…just get to the gym. I knew once I was there, I’d get into it. Sure enough…IT WORKED!

What works for you???


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