Tuesday Tangents…

During my run this morning….a dubstep version of Roxanne came on. I immediately turned into super woman. I have a love/hate relationship with dubstep music. In this instance, super lurv. Enjoy…

I finally picked out an outfit for my baby sister’s HS graduation. Yes, I said HS. Takes me back…sigh. Having one heck of a time picking out shoes. Any suggestions? It’s outside, in PA, in bleachers and turf. I know I should do wedges…but I’m open to suggestions! Please excuse my CBF. Normally I’m a dress only type of girl, so here I am, branching out doing a skirt/blouse combo.

M&M are getting married this Saturday!!! I’ve picked out my dress for that as well! This pic is from when we were still living in the condo. That stupid tag hanging makes my waist look bigger. Another case of CBF. Haven’t decided shoes on this one either since it’s an outdoor wedding. Suggestions?

Loving this season of Bachelorette. Emily will bring the style, and I will be inspired. The casting has been a little crazy, but it’s like the first couple episodes of AI, trainwreck you just can’t turn away from. Have you picked a favorite? I have two off the bat:


Like Doug…like the single dad angle for her. He’ll get her needs. Hope he’s legit.


I like Ryan. He works with kids. Lives in GA, close enough to NC. He’s a Christian!

Welp, I think that’s enough brain dump for one day. Happy Tuesday!


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