Sorry about missing a post yesterday…it was bananas around here.

Hubs comes home today after being gone ALL WEEK. Happy dance, happy dance. It’s Friday…more happy dancing. I had a donut today…another happy dance. Now I feel sick.

I like when hubs travels, for the first 48 hours, then I’m ready for his hot little hiney to come home. The first 48 hours looks something like this (muffin and all):

via pinterest

Then after that it turns into this:

via pinterest

So yeah…glad he’s coming home today. We’re heading to Atlanta BRIGHT AND EARLY tomorrow morning to celebrate the marriage of M&M!

I’m on hair/makeup duty for two of my besties. Hope they like this look! I’m channeling spring break ’07. Yeah, buddy!!!

Catch you on the flip side.

Happy Friday, Ya’ll.


One thought on “Wahoo!

  1. That is cute. I look the puppy somedays too. Hope you both have a good time. Your dad does not like cat so much so we won’t go there. Congrats to your friends!!!!!

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