Yup, that happened.

Actually, two things happened. One I mentioned yesterday (flame thrower), and one I SOMEHOW forgot to mention (neck).

Word of advice…don’t burn yourself with a 450 degree curling iron right before someone’s wedding. It will hurt, and you will drink to make the pain stop. You will be rocking bandaids and vitamin E at work. People at the gym will ask you what happened. You will look like you tried to hang yourself unsuccessfully. You will have to buy zinc oxide for the lake. You will snap yourself with your sports bra and cry. Basically, shit sucks. That was your PSA for the morning. Now here’s the photo.

And now for the amazing video. My editing is terrible, but I couldn’t wait any longer to share. We mentioned party tricks, and this guy mentioned he’s a professional flame thrower. So the entire bar (all 20 of us) went outside for the show. I think the video speaks for itself…click away clickers…

I personally think M&M should have left the wedding to this guy following them…


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