Tuesday Tangents

We’ve hit another Tuesday. Gotta love when you skip the Mondays!

– My baby sister is graduating from high school this week. I cannot describe how this is making me feel. I am so proud of her! At the same time I cannot believe I have been out of high school for 9 years. Sigh.

– I am beyond ready to go back to the lake. We had a wonderful time floating, visiting, eating and catching up. Good times by all! Hate that July 4th is falling on a Wednesday this year.

– I really want a leather sectional for our someday-to-be home. I’ve been looking and looking and what I want is like $15,000 and what is in our “budget” just isn’t giving me cuddle up vibes. I want cuddle vibes, U-shaped cuddle vibes. No recliners. Soft edges. They look too sterile. I’m not a fan of anything that looks too sterile, except bathrooms. There’s something about the things I’m seeing that feel very 80’s basement. Maybe I can find something between this:

restoration hardware $15,000

 and this (ugh, exactly what I don’t want):

The hunt continues…

– I confess that my nails aren’t painted right now and it’s KILLING me. Will fix ASAP. I keep staring at them.

– The lady at Dairy Queen judged me yesterday as I asked for only half of the small sundae I just ordered. I wanted ice cream, I wanted hot fudge, but I only wanted a little of each. She informed me that’s the first she’s ever heard that before. I’ll be your first, lady…

Stop at that first lump…

– Let’s talk bachelorette. My favs, they are a chaaaaaaaaaaangin. New top runners:

Still Doug (he may have some family issues, time will tell)…now featuring Sean. Love his Christian family morals. He seems like a good family man, super important. As long as he can MOVE AWAY from his family, all should be good. Again, time will tell. PS Emily’s friends are hilarious…and all married??


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