The Shorts Situation…

I ranted spoke about my shorts search issue in the past. I’ve been searching for several months for the perfect pair of short shorts. I work stinkin hard for these stems and I want to show them off. That said, my bottom does not need to be sticking out of the bottom. To describe how bad the shorts search has been, I haven’t bought a new of shorts since 2007. Sad, yes.

Well…the drought is over. While in PA I tried on my baby sister’s shorts as a joke. She’s a pencil with a perky little hiney, and she always wears super short shorts. Like the cut off kind with the pockets hanging out. I thought, ha, let’s get on with this joke. These were peach colored cut off denim from the LC Lauren Conrad collection at Kohl’s. Adorbs. Granted, they were too tight but I was thrilled with the way they made my legs and butt look (if they were wider) as far as length goes. I pranced downstairs to show hubs which he quickly announced they were too small. DUH HUBS, already said that. It got me thinking though, why not check out Kohl’s.

So off the sis and I went to hunt down some shorts. I was planning for another fail. When we walked in I saw the peach colored ones and some MINT ONES!

Then I saw these cuffed, cut off, denim pair. I grabbed those bad boys in a size up from my normal pants (misses sizes not juniors, bonus!) and hit the dressing room. WINNER!!!You MUST trust me when I say this picture does them NO JUSTICE! This picture makes them look mom-ish.

Even the hubs likes them. I don’t have a pic of them on me, but did find a pic of them over on fashboulevard and we all know she’s got it going on.

via Fash Boulevard

So run (work those legs) over to Kohl’s for some sexy shorts at a perfect price point!


One thought on “The Shorts Situation…

  1. Those mint shorts are really cute! I found a pair of shorts a few years ago that I loved but me being an idiot, I put them in the dryer. Ugh. I loved those shorts.


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