Tuesday Tangents

First, let’s talk bachelorette. Poor Charlie…I liked him much better than some of the other dorks on there. I’m also DYING to know who calls her daughter baggage. Thems fightin words. Chris’s voice is working on my nerves. Ryan is a narcissistic asshole…and to think I had him in my top 5. Shame. Sean and Doug are still my top two. Don’t steer me wrong boys!

via abc

PS I totes have her outfit above. Too bad it’s 90 here and too warm to wear a sweater, even if it is holey.

My toes have been freshly painted a perfect summer pink. Just love love love. The color is Feelin’ Hot Hot Hot by OPI. These are not my toes (obvi) nor are they my hands.

Last night’s run was one of the hardest I’ve had in a long time. I’m blaming the 87 degree weather and like 80% humidity at 5pm. Still completed it though. Just another reason I prefer to run at 5am instead of 5pm.

Does anyone else find it hilarious to see big grown men walking teeny tiny dogs? Like anything that has the word “teacup” in front of it? I can’t help but giggle. It makes runs easier and a lot more hilarious.

I cannot get enough salsa lately. I’ve even been putting it on my eggs in the morning. Yum. Now I want some more…dang it. I’ll eat any kind but I prefer the hotter the better. Anybody up for mexican? I’ll join ya. Fo sho.

It’s black cherry time. Which means from now until I can’t find them at the market my mouth and fingers will be stained the most perfect shade of red. I will also have an upset stomach this entire time. No one can stop me at one bowl. I do limit myself to one bag per week though…limits people, limits. I miss being little and being able to eat them right off the tree. Dear hubs, when we build our dream home this year, may I pretty please have a cherry tree?? Our soon-to-be big scary dog will keep the birds out of said tree. No birds, no bird poop. Pretty, pretty please. It will keep me out of the house and out of your hair! Think of the possibilities!!! Love, yo wife.

That’s enough kiddos. I’m now very hungry…and you won’t like me when I’m hungry…


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