Weekend Recap!

Another whirlwind of a weekend!

Friday night we went to Boxwood Bistro with the T family. I’m about 90% sure there was some sort of tornado as we were dining outside. Always up for an adventure I guess. We’re both about to being the building process so it was nice to share hopes, dreams and fears with someone going through the same process. O yeah, and to compare dream kitchens as well!

Saturday morning began with a ridiculously hot run. I don’t even want to talk about it. Then we did some storage unit visiting and cleaning. After that I was seriously craving some Puckett’s BBQ nachos. I miss that about living downtown. So, we made homemade nachos!!! Yeah, we may or may not have had them three times over the weekend. I sat out to watch some golfers from the back porch and between the wind chimes, fountain and soft breeze, I found myself taking a little cat nap. Cannot wait to have the same set up in our backyard excluding the golfer part. Might just convert this nap hater.

Photo from last Fall, but same view…you get the idea

Saturday evening we attended the wedding of now Mr. and Mrs. B. It was a LOVELY Catholic wedding downtown followed by a reception at Belle Meade Country Club.

These are the shoes I wore, which didn’t make any photos 😦

Sunday morning for Father’s Day we got up and went to Dimple’s Deli for a yummy breakfast. Gotta love a place that has a special with coffee, an omelet, homefries AND a waffle. We followed that up by hitting the driving range, where I quickly realized it’s time for some more lessons. Le sigh. After a little friendly competition on the putting green, we went back to clean up.

We caught an afternoon movie, and I cannot recommend Rock of Ages enough. It was GREAT!!! Awesome music, awesome cast, and I dislike Tom Cruise. It has some crazy scenes in there that I really didn’t like watching with the inlaws. Haha…just warning you. We wanted to go for pizza at our favorite pizza place, but what we didn’t know is that they’re closed on Sundays. So we settled for Dominos and watching the US Open.

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