More than “call me maybe”

I’m seriously digging that call me maybe song. Like shamelessly, wholehearted loving on it. Cover? I’ll listen. Remix? Of course! Ballad? Why didn’t I think of that. Well every day for the past few weeks I’ve had Carly Rae Jespen (awesome middle name btw). She has another song on the same album that I find myself equally attached to. The lyrics sound like they were made for a jealous-type young 20-something, but the beat is infectious. Bonus…it already has a video!

The beat reminded me of a song from church and has been killing me to figure out which one it was. POOF, just like that it came to me. Thanks Big Man! Starts around 0:45.

Last night I decided to do something crazy. There is a class at the Y with the following description: This 60-minute barbell class provides a workout that will strengthen all your major muscle groups by using the best weight-room exercises, including squats, presses, lifts and curls. New versions of the class are released quarterly. Yup. Sign me up. That’s not the crazy part though. The crazy part is when I decided to run to the gym and back, on top of that class. The gym is 2.5 miles from my home.

You see that up there? Yup. High yesterday was 96 and I was out there running in it*. Between my run and class I consumed 64 ounces of water like it was air. Once I completed it, I felt like a giant rockstar.

*As a disclaimer, I do not encourage anyone to try exercising in these conditions. I run in this heat a lot and am more used to it that others. I also live in the southeast where the humidity always hovers about 300%.

While poking around on the weather channel, the “stories that affect me” definitely didn’t affect me today. Really, winter driving tips, REALLY?!?

After that intense workout it was time for some dinner. I had one of my not-so-famous-but-is-catching-on garbage disposal salads. WHAT IS THAT YOU ASK? You take anything in the fridge that needs to be used up and put it in a yummy salad. I had romaine lettuce, some chopped tomato, topped with black beans, bleu cheese, a sprinkle of nuts from a baking thing earlier this week and pickled baby corn. Topped with some raspberry vinaigrette. YUM-O. Since that wasn’t hitting the caloric needs I also had a piece toast with butter, a handful of pistachios and a small bowl of cherries. Random? Yes. A rainbow of yumminess? Yes, again.


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