Recent lusts

First a story. The bottom of my foot was itching like CRAZY last night after I painted my toes. I was like, hmm, what am I allergic to NOW? So it kept itching and itching but I couldn’t see anything. Well this morning after spin class, I look at my foot before getting in the shower to find TWO mosquito bites on the bottom of my foot. Why me? I’ve talked about it before but my mosquito bites always look like paintball welts, and they scar. Awesome. TGIF. In case you care, my toes are Suzi Says Feng Shui by OPI. Hubs bought it for me!

Not my fingers and obviously not my toes.

To follow up from my post yesterday, here are some things I’m lusting for this summer, besides the obvious break in 100+ temperatures. And for it to be 4pm, and to have a margarita in my hand.

How presh are these??? I can think of about 10 things I would wear them with. They have my size, they’re on sale, and I have a coupon. Destiny?

I’ve been hunting for a new pair of tan wedges to replace my current favs that are splitting below the foot bed. I’m uber picky about wedges. Seeing as I’m 5’8″, I want a heel about 4″, not 6″. I want tan…not cognac, not beige. I have an super narrow foot. I like wood, woven or cork bottoms. Anyway…I’m still searching. Since we’re talking lust…I’ll show you ones that I would never buy since I’m not rolling in it like Beyonce. O look! They’re on sale…

Miu Miu

I love Alexis Bittar Jewelry. It’s very different, like some things have animal heads on them. I’m diggin it though…

in gold


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