Hope you had a Happy 4th!

Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th. We watched fireworks on Tuesday night at the inlaws and had the S family and several neighbors over to join in on the fun!

Wednesday morning and afternoon was spent hibernating due to the excessive heat outside. We rented 21 Jump Street and filled our bellies with grilled pimento cheese, nachos, brownies and ice cream. Hey, sometimes you just need a serious splurge day! I highly recommend 21 Jump Street and for more than the obvious reason of Channing.

That evening we joined the S family over at their parents for a good old fashioned BBQ. Bring on the ribs, pork, pasta salad, potato salad and plethora of desserts! I took along my Tennessee Caviar which was a delicious hit. Since there aren’t any little ones our immediate family, it was so fun to watch 5 little ones run (or just be held) around and just be kids. Just too funny to watch! Add to that 3 doggies, and it was a house full of madness!

Hope everyone had a safe and wonderful holiday! Also hope these two days of work don’t put a fork in you!


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