Weekend Recap

House, house and more house…

The house highlights of this weekend include a 29 cu ft talking, hands-free fill fridge:

and a microwave drawer:

Appliances are all picked, and we started looking at furniture. After it became NOT FUN AT ALL, we called it a day.

We had some crazy storms all weekend long. The neighbors house got struck by lightening, not once, but twice. So much for lightening never strikes the same place twice. I was in Kroger when the first storm hit. Walked in with blue skies, went to leave facing a potential tornado. I was stuck. Not a bad place to be stuck…all the milk, eggs and bread a girl could need. The “rib sample” tent literally blew away. Trees were down everywhere. I was on the phone with hubs when the first bolt hit the neighbors. He said every hair on his body stood up. CRAZY. All is fine for us!

Saturday after some serious shopping we went to spend some quality time with the T family. Swimming with little ones is just the best! Followed by pizza and some of Mrs. T’s tres leche cake. I love when the girls make me pictures! I hang the in my cube at work…

Sunday involved breakfast at Dimples, hunting exterior paint and trim colors, and more furniture shopping, queue exhaustion. Top that with some TERRIBLE storms again last night and today I am one tired lady! TGIM?


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