Tuesday Tangents

You’re getting two posts in one day kiddos!

I’ve told you before about my LC Lauren Conrad shorts that I’m obsessed with. Well due to a large sale, free shipping and a coupon code, I ordered another pair! This house building has me on a serious budget. Please ignore the weird bathroom lighting and blurry pic…how cute are these coral-ish red cut offs??? I now want them in every color! Perfect for summer. I strangely view coral as a neutral in summer and pair it with just about EVERY color.

I also had a zappos gift card that needed to be used up! You might remember me talking in a previous post about my favorite tan wedgies splitting and how I was having the hardest time finding a new pair since I have such narrow feet?!? Well I found a pair of Dolce Vitas that I am OBSESSED with! They fit all the criteria I was searching for! Cannot wait to wear them on Friday…

Also in exciting news, I’ve been eye balling some adorable side chairs for our new home and the swatches came in last night. I was nervous the color would be too black, but it turns out they are the perfect grey/brown I was looking for!!! Now time to order…


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