Weekend Recap and a House Update!

Sorry I’m a day late, but after you read this you’ll understand why!

Saturday I co-hosted a baby shower for Mrs. RG and baby K. I haven’t seen her since she was about 6 months pregnant! She’s due mid-August, and has the most perfect little bump! Hard to believe she only has 5 weeks left!

Some other photos from the day!

Saturday evening was spent catching up with friends including some lovely sorority sisters! We were planning to have a cookout but due to rain it turned into a good ole fashion pizza party, an adult pizza party, with lots of wine! It has been a long time since I’ve seen some of these women, and we had such a blast. Nashville 2020, right ladies???

Sunday was spent cleaning, picking out plumbing fixtures, catching up with friends and going to visit the house! Our relationship is built on our faith in the Lord, and we DEFINITELY wanted to include that in the building of our home. What better way than to write some scripture right on the house? I borrowed this idea from Mrs. AG. We’ll continue to do this over the next several months, and try to include verses that go with each step. On Sunday we wrote a verse about foundation, right on our foundation!

On Sunday, our home looked like this:

On Monday evening, it looked like this:

Now that’s progress people! Can’t wait to see what all happens this weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!


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