Good news, tinge of bad.

Sorry that all of my posts are around the house lately. It’s a huge undertaking and our primary focus as of late. I promise to keep posting fashion, recipes and what-have-you’s along the way. This week has just been ALL HOUSE ALL THE TIME. Not that I’m complaining, that means this thing is coming along swimmingly.

Let’s get the bad out of the way…

Those beloved chairs I was wanting? Went to buy them today and they’re gone. SUPER SAD FACE. Dreamcrusher.

Onto some good news..

Granite and marble have been picked! Another item checked off the list!!!!

Kitchen/Butlers/Laundry Granite:

Master Bathroom Marble:

Study Bathroom:

Jack and Jill Bathroom:

Additional Guest Bathroom:

The two half baths will be pedestal sinks, thus they don’t need no stinkin’ granite! Boom.



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