Let me take a second…

There are some things I will never understand in this world.

One is forehead tattoos. Really? You’re “message” is that important that you need to display it right there on your forehead? You’ve seen Charles Manson, right? Look where that got him. Hold up…tattoos are fine. It’s art, forever art, but art. So whether you display it hanging over your mantle or on your body is your business, but please leave your forehead off limits.

I hope she got paid for this…


Another is white leggings for adults. No one, and I mean NO ONE over the age of 10 should own these. Why do they even make them? Le sigh. Gisele can’t even pull this look off, and if she can’t…welp…YOU DEFINITELY SHOULDN’T.

No ma’am.

One thing I do understand in this world is the power of being nice. JUST BE NICE. I think you’ll shock yourself at what it will not only do for others, but in turn do for you. You never know what the cashier, dude in hallway, guy that cut you off, bia at work, etc is going through. You being nice, smiling, maybe even a hello could make the world of a difference to them. Try it out…let me know what you think! If you can’t make it work, just hop on over to the dailypuppy.com every day before you hit send on that hate email. No one can be mad at puppies.

Off soapbox now…


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