Going from Vegas for work, in the office 2.5 days, then off to the Gulf makes for one tired little lady!

We were in the Gulf for a long weekend with the K and S families! Wednesday was DK’s birthday and we celebrated in true style by hitting up FloraBama. First time for everything ladies 😉 I blame the bushwackers. The rest of the weekend was spent eating, drinking, lounging, drinking, dancing, drinking, swimming, etc. It was so nice to see everyone and to meet some new people! Nashville 2020, right? We cannot wait to go back, and just may have a new favorite vacation spot!!!

I’m pretty mad at myself for not taking enough photos. I have THREE, yes three, including one I stole from twitter. I’m waiting for the other ladies to email some more so I can share.

The Crew!


When in doubt, pinky out!


My hot date!

When we arrived back in Nashville, we found we not only had a second story, but the beginnings of a roof!!! Ignore the sample board out front as it shows brick, but not our painted brick. That is the color of our shingles though!!!


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