Hot Cheetos & Takis!

This lady loves some salty snacks. I don’t keep them in the house for this very reason. There’s something about a road trip that makes me want some crunch and sodium. One of my fav (and hard to find) is UTZ crab chips. Don’t worry, no crabs are involved…just a ton of Old Bay. Drooling right now. I also love anything spicy. I mean I put a ton of hot sauce (with zero english on the label) in my omelet every morning, and I won’t even get into lunch and dinner. Hello hot cheetos!! I mean I pick them out of the hot munchie mix…so when I saw this video I about died! Now I’ve never had takis, but you better believe they’re now on my radar.

No photos of the house today, I was too busy last night getting blonded and painted. Paint color du jour is courtesy of my dear friend BK:

not my nails

Wanna know a fun prank? Buy a baby gift for your friend…stop by your inlaws during lunch (the key here is to be living with them). All you really have to say at this point is “look what I’ve got”. Hahahaha. That was a riot! PRANK!!!!!!!

Happy Thursday kiddos! I’m going to hold a one week old tonight. Cuddles galore!!!

Last night I needed to use up the remaining yellow squash so I chopped it up, sauteed it with garlic, salt and pepper. Then I topped with parmesan and fresh chopped basil. Delicious! Easy, quick and healthy!

not mine, but it did look like this!


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