New Running Shoes!

I was time kiddos. Time for some new running shoes. I’ve said it a million times, but just like tires…running shoes have tread wear. A pair will last you around 400-500 miles. Normally I have to change them out around 3-4 months. This time they lasted longer as I’ve been using the Precor (or death machine) as well as taking some spin classes. I’ve started logging more miles as the weather begins to cool down (mid-90s) and I can always tell when it’s time. My feet begin to ache after long runs…the telltale sign. I also wanted to wean myself from a stability runner to a minimalist runner. What’s that? It’s about as close to being a barefoot runner, without being a barefoot runner. You can read about it over here. I wasn’t ready to take the full plunge, nor do I know if I’ll ever be. But…after some serious research on my feet, my running style, and shoes, I decided on the Brooks PureCadence. A long time Brooks fan, it was an easy decision! Ran a quick 5miles in them this morning…and I’m a changed woman! The split toe and lightweight materials made me feel so much quicker on my feet. Kuddos to you ONCE AGAIN Brooks.

image via fitting it all in

On a different note, do you ever see an outfit and think….that would look great on me? It’s rare, but when it happens I feel like I must go get the outfit RIGHT AWAY!!! That happened this morning when I dropped over to Day Old News and saw a picture of Miss Brittnay Snow. I agree with her that it would be a perfect outfit for holiday parties, and I also think it would be PERFECT for staying away from the typical dress/tights/heels combo. Must think about this one!

via day old news

Happy Friday Y’all!


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