Raise the roof!

Roof is tarred, outdoor fire place is built, first round of dirt is spread. YAY! I’ve had to stop calling it our lot and start calling it our house.

We went around inside and started putting tape dimensions down for various furniture just to get a feel of what will work. It was fun seeing it all come to life. They also had markers on each doorway showing door swing. What a treat!

I’ve been hunting down a duvet set recently, and bit the bullet today. Here’s what it looks like:

And here’s what it will look like against our “sage-ish” green walls! I love those large coral pillows, but hate the price tag so I’ll either be making similar or wait for a giant sale. What a great color combo!

I’m also not a matchy matchy person, so those drapes/curtains just don’t work for me. I’d love to see more color in them. Maybe I’ll look for that fabric first, then pull a color from that for the pillows. Love where this is going, love being creative, love our house!!!

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