Tuesday Tangents

Yesterday was hot, like super hot. Too hot to run, but I did it anyway. Regretted it about half way through, but I finished, barely. That’s what I get for skipping my 5am run.

Our sink came in yesterday. I heard rumors it’s the only one in the country. Start practicing your best “But daddy, I want an oompa loompa nooooooooooow” impression. Kidding.

I stuck a water bottle inside to show you a size comparison because this bad boy is a MONSTER. Hello pink sneaks!

Then, in true “us” fashion, we stuck ourselves inside…just to see if we could. Success.

Yup…we’re pretty awesome.

I’m working on some baby shower invites, so hoping to show those soon! Bonus…I’ll show all the ones they didn’t chose.

I’m in the crafting mood…what to make, what to make? I am making 3 different types of muffins this week, so I guess that’s making soooooomething. Maybe my wordless wednesday tomorrow will provide some motivation.


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