Well that was a weekend…

So hubs and I were having a weekend to ourselves at the lake (YAY!). We had grand plans I tell ya, grand plans of doing nothing but watching football, eating and enjoying the view.

Around 7pm on Saturday evening, my stomach began hurting…but worse than I’ve ever felt before. It kept getting worse and worse until the first “incident”. The “incidents” finally slowed down around 5am. Yes kids…I had my first fight with food poisoning. I still don’t feel well today…living on forced saltines and bread. The only two things I ate that hubs didn’t was a veggie burger and bleu cheese dressing (which I later found out was old). Ugh, there went our romantic weekend. I internally considered a ride to the hospital, but then realized I couldn’t make it in the car for 5 minutes let alone an hour. Tis life…suck it up and drink some water. Puke that up and drink some more. Cool.

Yesterday we had a house walk…which was pretty miserable…but worth it. Now I have a bunch of pictures to show you!

View of front door from living room, those spaces at top will be removed.

Breakfast nook/kitchen windows

View from living room

View from where our bed will be

And now for the regular photo updates!




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