Another weekend for the books!

Friday we got out our winter clothes, but I haven’t packed up my summer clothes just yet. It makes me sad…

Saturday was spent volunteering for a coworker. You see, one of my coworkers has MS and wanted to participate in this year’s Jack and Back as a volunteer. What he didn’t know was we had another group of people at his house working on some amazing projects!!! I organized the whole thing and had a mini heart attack along the way. I’m terrible about surprises, but i do love them. HE WAS SURPRISED! Success! I have never been so worn out in my life…this body was not made for manual labor. I will say that I work with a fantastic group of people and couldn’t have done any of it without them! Can you spot me? I’m in the back row crouching…I thought everyone was crouching. Oops.

Sunday I made our weekly homemade pancakes. This time I made pumpkin spice pancakes for me and chocolate chip for hubs (his fav). Well, call me tickled…hubs liked mine more than his favorite!!! Winner winner pancake dinner. I’ll post the recipe…I always make the same basic from scratch pancake with different mix-ins!

We picked up my baby sister from the airport after her fall break. The plan was to grab lunch, go see Pitch Perfect and then take her back to school. On the way to lunch hubs asked her if she’d like to stay the night. MORE SISTER TIME, YES PLEASE! We ate, visited the house, saw the movie, ate pizza and did a little shopping. It was so nice getting to spend time with her. Neither of us could remember the last we saw a movie together. Guess that’s what happens when you go from living together, to 9 hours apart, to 1.5 hours apart. We all laughed until we were blue.

I wish I had more photos from the weekend but I don’t 😦

We also bought two PERFECT chairs for Joc’s office but he LITERALLY just called to tell me one was broken overnight (after we paid for them), with no replacement available. UGH! Luckily, we are looking at another set right now. Fingers crossed.

I’m tired, cold and grumpy. It’s a Monday for sure.


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