Weird day over here…

It started off by waking up at 5:10a instead of 5:00a. I know that doesn’t sound like a big deal but when your minutes are miles that’s over an entire mile I would miss on my morning run. So I had to run faster than normal, which started off my day in a funk. Nothing coffee can’t fix.

Then after the gym, I came home (per usual) and went up to get ready. When I took my running shoe off I stuck my hand into something squishy…

DOG POOP. On my hand, on my running shoe, on the tile…on the cream carpet…all through the house, all over. Somehow my steps missed the white steps (thank you Lord). So that delayed my day a little more while on scrubfest2.0.

On top of that, work has me a little crazed today thanks to people that love to make their procrastination my problem. Cool, thanks for that.

In good news, our house has interior doors and most of the tile is finished. Wham bam, we’re so close to this house being finished, I can almost smell it. Nope, that’s just the dog poop lingering. Door knobs chosen, newel post selected, bead board stain picked, closets laid out. Decisions, people, decisions!

End rant. At least I get to see my BFF tomorrow. Nothing a little wine can’t fix. YAY!


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