Weekend Recap

Had a great weekend!

Adjusting to the new time (wah) and just tried to soak up the wonderful weather!

Friday night we went to dinner with some friends to Alegria in Green Hills.

I prefer my tequila anejo, on the rocks and with an orange, so my drink can’t disappoint. Everyone else seemed to enjoy their beverages too! The guac was to-die-for. It had pomegranate seeds on top! The cheese dip was good as well. You can add meat and I think some other stuff too. I judge a place on it’s cheese dip and I will rank this 4/5. My food was delicious, and my girlfriend even ate part of mine instead of hers. I highly recommend the crepas con vegetables even if you’re not a veggie. I would not recommend the “airline chicken” as everyone that ordered that said it was “so-so”.

Crepas con Vegetales
squash, zucchini filled crepas/melted chihuawa cheese/roasted chille poblano sauce/jicama salad

The night ended with several rounds of catch phrase with some FANTASTIC company. A husband vs wife arm wrestling contest even broke out. Now that’s some fun!

Saturday was spent enjoying what could be our last warm day of the year. After getting in a good run and tackling some major house shopping, Hubs surprised me with a MUCH NEEDED massage. Poor lady had her hands on me for about 30 seconds before saying…”O, you work at a computer and you’re a runner”. Yup, had me pegged. Guuuuuuuuuuuillllllltyyyyyyyyyyy! We had planned on a date night, but tornado like weather zapped those plans. So an evening of pinot grigio and frozen pizzas it was. Sometimes those end up being the BEST nights!

Sunday we went to check on our baby (yes, the house) and show it to some friends that have been wanting to see it. I love being the tour guide, Hubs even does an impression of me! It has finally started to stress me out when I’m showing the house. I know the end vision, the dream, the colors, the lighting and I feel like I never can get it all out and paint the picture I so desire. I feel like I paint a half picture…like a sky with no moon. I think I might make the house off limits from now until we move in. Allow the final touches to showcase themselves. I already know I’m going to cry when we have the keys in hand….OOOOOOO goody!

Welp…now it’s Monday and it’s back to the real world. Take off my interior designer hat and put on my marketing hat.


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