Weekend Recap

I’ll be getting my craft on in the next few weeks leading up to our move. I’m refinishing chairs for our kitchen and building an over-sized ottoman for the living room!

Friday night turned into a pizza and movie night…honestly my favorite!

Saturday we were up and to the gym by 7am. No alarm needed. That’s a great start to the weekend! The rest of Saturday was spent at Lowe’s and JoAnn Fabrics gathering supplies for the crafts mentioned above. Gotta love a good DIY.

We watched the Vols attempt to win play and grilled out! The highlight of the day was going to see the house and finding light fixtures in place. The rooms are REALLY coming together and I love it, love it, love it. I cannot wait to show some more photos…but for now, all I can show you is the master bath light fixtures. You can see two of the four wall sconces. There will be counter to ceiling mirrors behind those lights which will create great lighting for painting on my daily coat of awesome. I really liked the idea of face height lighting instead of overhead.

Once complete, it will have the feel of this:


And just for fun…here’s the beginning of our shower! The tub and remaining tile are going in next!

Sunday we closed the lakehouse for the winter. It always makes me a little sad because it means summer is officially over. The 29 degree mornings on the way to the gym don’t tell me summer is over, but for some reason that does. Yeah…I know I’m strange.

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