The girls take over New Orleans!

We had a stinking BLAST in New Orleans! 16 girls, 3 rooms, to much food, drinks and dancing!

I will call it a success. No broken phones, bones or marriages.

Friday night was little black dress night. We went to Cafe du Monde for a pick me up of caffeine and sugar. As far as the rest of the night…couldn’t tell you the names of the restaurants or bars (in/out/in/out), but I do know that we legit danced 7 hours straight. I even ran into some friends from high school. How random is that?? It was so much fun, and I lost my voice to prove it.

Saturday we went to more restaurants and bars (eh forgot those names too) and then it was time to get ready for 80’s night. I love that all the girls went ALL OUT. There was even some crimping involved.

Sunday we packed up, toured the city then headed home. It was sad to say our goodbyes, but we loved knowing we would all be seeing each other again soon. We were also SUPER glad we all had off of work (most of us) Monday to recover! We’re not 21 anymore…but we tried!

To say we had a blast is a complete understatement! Cheers to you RD…we love you!


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