Weekend Crafting

I did too much over the weekend. I truly wore myself out to the point of *almost* a breakdown. I just get focused on things and cannot slow down until they’re finished. I cleaned the house from top to bottom (blisters to prove it), took Wilson for long runs and then got my craft on.

I made the blue pillows on the bed:


I recovered the dining room chairs. Seeing that they are over 70 years old, I took everything off from the bottom up and put on new foam, batting and fabric. Now they really compliment the blue walls in the dining room:


Recap of blue walls (pre-furniture):


I created a bench cushion. I made the piping from scratch, then stitched this 75″x20″ cushion. I still need to make the other one, but seeing as this took me 7 hours…the other will have to wait a little:


It was a VERY productive, yet very tiring weekend.


2 thoughts on “Weekend Crafting

    • I love everything you do Emily…the things you with and for the kids are just precious!!! I know they’ll look back fondly on every single project!

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