Over the weekend…

Had a fantastic girls night Friday night with two of my girlfriends/coworkers. It was beyond a blast! I made a baked brie, cooked homemade pizzas, chocolate chip cake for dessert, LOTS of wine and Magic Mike. I had never watched it before, that shiz was bananas. Perfect girl’s night movie! We had good intentions of playing with hair, makeup and nails…but it never happened.

Saturday was spent enjoying a morning snow, eating sticky buns and having bloody’s, chasing down a BAD DOG that ran into the woods (I guess he wanted to go sledding with the kids that were out there), shoe shopping, las palmas (hello cheese dip) and lots of TV watching/puppy cuddle time.



Sunday was spent taking pup for a loooong run, finishing the dining room chairs, cleaning, shopping for the house (see below), a loooong bath, some fettuccine alfredo and vino, a little football and some more puppy cuddles.

When the hubs is away…this girl gets things DONE but takes time to enjoy “me” time. He comes home tonight and I am sooooooo excited to have him back. I’ve missed the little sucker.

Mirror for over buffet in dining room…4’x3′



Chair for vanity in master bath. I’ll be recovering it and removing that terrible stained white pleather. I already bent the leg back into place. The copper patina really works with the colors in the bathroom:



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