Remember on Monday the picture of the new chair I bought for the master bath vanity that I had planned to recover? Well once I actually put it in the space, and tried using it…I hated it. Still love the chair, just not for the bathroom. It’s too “something”, which I can’t find a word for right now. Ugh. So it’s finding a new home at the butler’s pantry desk for now.

While I was out shopping, I spotted a lucite bamboo chair that I fell in love with but opted for the ice cream parlor chair. Since hubs was home by now, I showed him the lucite chair and he actually liked it! There’s something about lucite that creates a light-heartedness and adds a sculptural component to the room. Swoon. It had to be mine, and luckily it was still available.

After I spotted her, but before I bought her, I looked for some inspiration. Just wanted to see if my vision played out for other designers in the past. BINGO!



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