Happy Valentine’s Day!

Did you do anything special for your significant other or yourself this morning? Or do you just hate love 😉

I wore red to the gym, and my usual pink running shoes. Then I came home and made hubs the typical green smoothie and omelette (separate) but for a twist I shaped the omelette into a heart. Cheesy, perhaps…

I know I’ve mentioned it before but hubs is really into gifts from the heart. This year I wanted to show him how proud of him I am and what a blessing it is that I have him in my life. I took river rocks and wrote a trait about him that I love on each of them. On the ones that were too small, I just drew a little heart. I placed all of the rocks into a mason jar that he can display wherever he chooses. He put them right in his office! Whenever he’s doubting himself, or us, or whatever…I want him to take out a handful, read them, and know that he is loved and appreciated.

Not mine…but I got excited to see someone else had done it too!

I just love, love! Happy Valentine’s Day!



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