Weekend Recap

Friday I finally got to bring home le nouvelle voiture! We technically bought it Thursday, but had to have it shipped Friday. WEEEEE! Just another notch in the suburbia belt. First it was trading the highrise condo for a house in the burbs, then getting a furry fun loving pal (more coming on him) and now it’s trading the convertible for an suv. His name is black thunder and I lurve him already! Those seat warmers have already paid themselves off, right hubs 😉


Saturday we woke to a ton of snow falling but nothing sticking. Boo. Clean clean clean. I made Wilson wait until it hit 35 degrees outside, which he hates but I think he would hate frostbite a lot more, and we went for a run. And yes, I checked make sure our streets weren’t salted. I thought he would hate the snow hitting him in the face, but he strangely seemed to like it. At one point I looked down when the snow was strong and his little eyebrows were covered in snow. That boy loves his runs.

Saturday evening we were getting ready to go grab some to-go food when wild man decided to baseball slide across the floor and land straight on his hip/knee/thigh are. No yelp, but we knew he was hurt. He kind of shook it off and went about being his wild self again. Still something wasn’t right. He’ll walk on his leg, even decided to run across the yard (idiot), will lay on that side, sit down, lay down on his belly, but when he’s standing he holds it in the air. If he’s laying on the non-hurt side he kicks the hurt leg as if we were scratching his belly. He would only sleep 2 hours at a time that night.

Yesterday we gave him some aspirin which really seemed to help and allowed him to get some much needed rest. He spent the day like this:


Poor baby. He has an appointment with the vet today. Praying it’s just a bruise, strain or sprain. Praying he didn’t tear his doggie ACL. If you’ve met him, you know there’s no way we’re going to be able to keep him inactive while he heals. Praying I get my running buddy back soon…

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