Big man is resting.

They had to sedate him to even examine him, and decided to do xrays. No broken bones and our little man has perfect hips! High five for no hip dysplasia in the future.  That’s a blessing! They wiggled him around looking for tears but couldn’t find anything. His bill of health is a strained muscle and/or ligament.

No runs, walks or jumps for a few weeks and he’s on a puppy anti-inflammatory.

I picked his pitiful self up last night and he was so sad. He didn’t even know who I was or his name. We made him rest and I spent the evening laying on his squishy bed with him petting him to sleep.

Our fury child slept from 6 to 6 without any food or water in almost 24 hours so when he headed for both first thing this morning I was happy! He’s already limping less!!!

Thank you for the emails, texts and calls.


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