Birfday Weekend!

Another whirlwind weekend in the books!

Friday I left work early to go pick up baby sister from college. She’s staying with us for Spring Break. I’m loving having her around since I don’t get to see her very often. Gotta love a sister mini roadtrip!

Saturday morning was spent hanging, moving and assembling. Hubs put together our new patio set, we had someone come hang our porch swing and stairwell decorations. Stairwell complete! If you’ve been to my house since we moved, you’ve heard me talking about the boat propellers. They are finally hanging!!!


In case you’re wondering size, each framed square is approx 48″x48″. I wanted something to showcase art, and give the wall some character instead of being just a two story blank wall. So, there you have it.

I went for my Saturday run which was amazing since it was 60 out and the trails were dry. Swoon. Then hubs had some dear friends come into town for my birthday! They brought their pup and he and Wilson were fast friends. He moped around after they left. Another girlfriend stopped by with her precious daughter to drop off a gift. I felt so loved that day! Family and friends…doesn’t get much better than that.

We had out first fire out back with the new patio set and cocktails before heading to Sopapillas for dinner! I love that place, and now they have a new and improved menu and I went from loving it to OBSESSED with it. Drooling now just thinking about it. After dinner we came home to have another fire and some more cocktails.

Sunday started with our typical pancakes, saying “goodbyes for now”, resting, cleaning, cooking and baking for the neighborhood ladies bunco I’m hosting this evening, picking up some furniture, shopping, introducing sister to hubs favorite chicken casserole, and homemade milkshakes. Hey…something had to get through losing an hour of sleep.

Now that my friends…was a weekend!


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