Loves & Loathes

Love…this weather and the fact that I can walk Wilson every night with hubs and enjoy our adorable neighborhood. Love seeing all of the kiddos out riding bikes and just being kids. Love meeting our neighbors too!

Loathe…that this weather is ending (for now). Dislike the 30 degree drop that is coming for the weekend.

Love…lake season is kicking off this weekend.

Loathe…see my last loathe. You’ll get the idea.

lakehouse copy

Love…our pup! Duh, but seriously. He is so loving and gentle and only wants to please. He let our friend’s daughter ride him as a horse (even if only for a second). He doesn’t mean to leave bumps, bruises and scars. He just forgets how big he is. I can’t wait to see him swim. We have no idea if he’s ever been around water. Yes, he’s our fur baby. Pictures to follow.

Loathe…mosquitoes. Random, but they’re already attacking me. ugh.


Love…love. We are coming up on our second wedding anniversary, which is crazy. I’m making dinner plans, something low key but yummy.

Loathe…hate. I think we can all agree on this. No matter your beliefs, they all stem off of two things. Worship one God…and just do the right thing. It’s not that hard to be nice. Smile at someone, hold a door open, ask someone how their day is going (and mean it). Hey you never know…it could work. Someone might be nice to you in return. Now, how “nice” would that be?


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