Weekend Recap (a day late)

I would have written yesterday, but I was up ALL NIGHT Sunday evening peeking out my front window looking for a murderer. So I was beyond tired yesterday. Yes, you read that entire sentence correctly. See, we are on the edge of our neighborhood…and the house of the man that shot his wife Sunday evening is on the edge of their neighborhood. Woods and a detention pond separate us. While all entrances in and out of his neighborhood were surrounded by police, there was no one searching our neighborhood and I was in full blown panic mode. Luckily, he turned himself in the next morning.

Besides that…the weekend was great.

We took Wilson to the lake for the first time and officially opened the lakehouse for the season. It was chilly which meant sweats and fires all weekend. That’s secretly some of my favorite time at the lake. Snuggled up, warm days…crisp cold nights.

It was a lot of firsts for Wilson. We’re assuming they’re firsts. You just never know what’s he’s experienced in the 6 years of his life prior to becoming ours. I wish I would have gotten more photos 😦

First trip to the lake. First nap in the sunshine. First steps in the water. First boat ride. First lunch at the dock.

He left his monkey at the lakehouse and was searching for it ALL NIGHT. Luckily “granddad” noticed we left it behind and became Wilson’s hero by bringing it along home. I’ve never seen his booty wiggle so fast. Lesson learned…double check for the monkey.

This is now his FAVORITE thing to do…just like his momma:



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