A(nother) Trip to San Francisco!

I was blessed to take another work trip to one of my favorite cities…San Francisco. My boss (a San Fran first-timer) also went along for a fun filled ride.

We attended the HOW Design Live conference, which is basically a creative services/graphic design conference. This was taken from their “convince your boss” page, “From creativity to business to the latest technology, the HOW Design Live program covers every facet of graphic design in one four-day event. I’ll get real-world information and processes I can put into practice as soon I get home, balanced by inspirational work from industry stars and up-and-coming designers.”

It was wonderful to live in the world of creativity for a few days complete with UBER casual clothing options, lax schedules and way too much coffee! JEANS, I SAY!

Back to San Fran. Here are the places we dined while not in sessions:

Tropisueno: My personal favorite. Wonderful food, best margs. I’ve talked about more than a few times on here. I recommend the violet margarita and the vegetable enchiladas.

Annabelle’s Bar & Bistro: Please try the grilled cheese & prosciutto sandwich (brioche – cheddar – mozzarella – caramelized onions – truffle butter – w/ tomato-parmesan bisque – ricotta salata). As usual, I got mine without prosciutto. The garlic fries are to die for.

ThirstyBear Brewing Company: Another favorite. They brew their own beer, which is a no brainer, but their tapas are to die for! I can personally recommend: Date Stuffed with spiced goat cheese, Organic Kale Salad, Seasonal Flatbread, Oven-roasted Piquillo Peppers, & the Patatas Bravas.

image via tripadvisor

Greens Restaurant: An all vegetarian local grown restaurant with a view of the bridge. Fantastic cheese plate! I also recommend the Fire Roasted Poblano Chili. The decor is fabulous. Old warehouse, earthy interior…look at this woodwork right when you walk in. It towers over the table underneath. I would love this in my house!



Mel’s Drive-In: A typical 50s style diner, full of yummy breakfast treats. They claim to have a juice bar…but my plate of grease sounded a lot better!

taken by boss lady…

While exploring, we also took a trip across the bridge and grabbed some awesome shots! Last shot is from the 39th floor of the hotel.


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