New Project: Church Pew

You might remember from our house layout post that we have a very long/pretty wide foyer. If you’re new, this is what it looks like:


It’s not crooked, I am. It doesn’t have Christmas decorations up anymore (if you can even see them) and now has boxwood wreaths on the front doors. The wall on the right contains the office and half bath. The wall on the left contains the dining room and coat closet (door is slightly open here). The bare wall between the dining room and coat closet is 9’8″. I wanted some sort of bench/church pew for that wall. Most church pews are around 8′ which would have been fine but 6′ was ideal. While our hall is 7′ across, I didn’t want something that would crowd the walkway. After laying out some objects to get a feel for the space I knew 2′ would be too deep and wanted to stay under 18″. After searching high and low, we finally found our winner! A 6′ x 15″ church pew that needs a little lot of TLC.

Here it is…



Now the fun begins…lots of scraping, sanding, etc. I haven’t figured out my final plans for it, but that’s half of the fun! Can’t wait to show an after photo!!!


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