Weekend Recap

Yeah, the weekend was SO long ago, but I wanted to get this in before the next ones comes prancing around tomorrow! Whoot!

Baby sister came to our house from college for the long weekend. That child sleeps more than any human I’ve ever met. I also noticed my maternal instincts with that child are beyond ridiculous. Do this! Don’t do that! Want me to cut up that peach for you? (it happened) Here’s breakfast reheated for you that I made 3 hours ago… (see sleeping issues above)

I love seeing her grow. Overnight she went from a huge brat high school kid to being a slight brat college young woman. She’s still the baby of the family. One that likes to remind me that I’m crossing an age milestone soon and that she’s only turning 20 this year.

I like to give her a super hard time (oldest…what what!) but I’m seriously so proud of what she has become, who she is and what she stands for. That mouth of hers has defended 1M+ people…

Some photos from last weekend…

rain, rain, go away…


napping puppy paws

so glamorous…getting up close and personal with some conditioner





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