Weekend Recap

The weekend turned out to be busier than I had planned…that’s life~

Friday night we had hub’s HS homecoming game. He serves on the almuni board, so we went and had some good munchies. It made me wish that we were attending my ten year high school reunion in a week or so…JUST a little. Not enough to book a flight though.

My outfit looked exactly like this…even though it was 86 degrees out. I don’t care what the temp said, it’s Fall.

My sister called while we were setting everything up. She was sick and was wanting to come “home” for the weekend. I stopped on the way home to grab some Humdingers (go…it’s good) and she met us at the house. I gave her all types of meds and tea and we posted up on the couch for the rest of the evening.

Saturday morning was full of doctor visits, car appointments, runs and errands. We did pick up some pumpkins and mums for the front porch. I need to take a picture of that, good reminder.

Saturday afternoon hubs and I went to visit some dear friends and their baby boy to cheer on the Vols. No luck. Last time I saw JMF he looked like this:

Now he looks like this! So big and full of personality!

Seriously. That face. I die. If you know his momma, you’ve seen this face a time or 8 before.

Sunday was another run between rain storms and before the cold set in. I should have waited. The humidity was too high and Wilson just stopped running 3/4 of the way through and sat in the grass. Guess he was done with that. Our little german beast is more of a cool weather fan.

We had pumpkin pancakes for breakfast and chili for lunch! Summer is my favorite weather season, but fall is my favorite cooking season.

We are looking for “camps” for Wilson. Sunday afternoon we took him to visit his first one and check out the area/people/amenities. While the people were AMAZING, it wasn’t a good fit for us, so the hunt continues. Any recommendations???


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