Things for the home!

As promised, I wanted to share some of the items we’ve purchased recently for our home. Hubs pointed out the first three (he’s amazing, I know) and the wreaths were a much needed final nail in the summer coffin. Sigh.

Things to add to our lonely, sad book shelves…

photo 12

photo 13

A rack to hang…place TBD. Most likely in the butler’s pantry.

photo 14

New fall wreaths for the front door via good ole Teej. I really wanted to DIY but my weekends are booked solid with wonderful weddings and such!

photo 16

Now I just need some pumpkins and mums for the arched steps! O, and my lazy wreath storing secret? Nails in the attic wall. Keeps them from getting smooshed.

And because everyone LOVES the dogbeard trend including me…

photo 15


Tuesday Tangents

Since we’re looking at the last week to wear your summer whites, let’s stick with that theme! Winter whites, see you soon.


It’s in the upper 90’s this week, so everything is light and airy if you plan to be outside…


White Bean Dip

via my columbian recipes


  • 1 can (15 oz) cannellini beans, drained and rinsed
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • 1 tablespoon lime juice
  • ¼ cup olive oil
  • 2 tablespoons fresh cilantro, chopped
  • ¼ cup chopped red bell pepper
  • 1 scallion, chopped
  • ½ teaspoon salt
  • ¼ teaspoon black pepper
  • ¼ teaspoon dried oregano
  • ¼ teaspoon ground cumin
  • ½ teaspoon paprika
  • Crushed red pepper to your taste


  1. Take 2 tablespoons of the cannellini beans and set aside for later use.
  2. Place all the ingredients in the food processor and mix until well combined and smooth.
  3. Transfer the dip to a serving dish and top with the beans you set aside and fresh cilantro.


Paint some items in your house white. Spray paint for ceramics works wonders on outdated vases!


Antique Aluminum Trunk

Remember the church pew I purchased? Well, yeah, still working on that, but I’ve been thinking about how I wanted to style it. After seeing the following, I knew I wanted a trunk of some sort…

Well…mom and I were out looking at antiques last weekend and you can imagine my excitement and shock when the first place we went into had this 1940s military baby…



Now if someone could just come over and style my bookshelves…that would be grrrrrrrrreat.

New Project: Church Pew

You might remember from our house layout post that we have a very long/pretty wide foyer. If you’re new, this is what it looks like:


It’s not crooked, I am. It doesn’t have Christmas decorations up anymore (if you can even see them) and now has boxwood wreaths on the front doors. The wall on the right contains the office and half bath. The wall on the left contains the dining room and coat closet (door is slightly open here). The bare wall between the dining room and coat closet is 9’8″. I wanted some sort of bench/church pew for that wall. Most church pews are around 8′ which would have been fine but 6′ was ideal. While our hall is 7′ across, I didn’t want something that would crowd the walkway. After laying out some objects to get a feel for the space I knew 2′ would be too deep and wanted to stay under 18″. After searching high and low, we finally found our winner! A 6′ x 15″ church pew that needs a little lot of TLC.

Here it is…



Now the fun begins…lots of scraping, sanding, etc. I haven’t figured out my final plans for it, but that’s half of the fun! Can’t wait to show an after photo!!!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Did you do anything special for your significant other or yourself this morning? Or do you just hate love 😉

I wore red to the gym, and my usual pink running shoes. Then I came home and made hubs the typical green smoothie and omelette (separate) but for a twist I shaped the omelette into a heart. Cheesy, perhaps…

I know I’ve mentioned it before but hubs is really into gifts from the heart. This year I wanted to show him how proud of him I am and what a blessing it is that I have him in my life. I took river rocks and wrote a trait about him that I love on each of them. On the ones that were too small, I just drew a little heart. I placed all of the rocks into a mason jar that he can display wherever he chooses. He put them right in his office! Whenever he’s doubting himself, or us, or whatever…I want him to take out a handful, read them, and know that he is loved and appreciated.

Not mine…but I got excited to see someone else had done it too!

I just love, love! Happy Valentine’s Day!



Remember on Monday the picture of the new chair I bought for the master bath vanity that I had planned to recover? Well once I actually put it in the space, and tried using it…I hated it. Still love the chair, just not for the bathroom. It’s too “something”, which I can’t find a word for right now. Ugh. So it’s finding a new home at the butler’s pantry desk for now.

While I was out shopping, I spotted a lucite bamboo chair that I fell in love with but opted for the ice cream parlor chair. Since hubs was home by now, I showed him the lucite chair and he actually liked it! There’s something about lucite that creates a light-heartedness and adds a sculptural component to the room. Swoon. It had to be mine, and luckily it was still available.

After I spotted her, but before I bought her, I looked for some inspiration. Just wanted to see if my vision played out for other designers in the past. BINGO!


Over the weekend…

Had a fantastic girls night Friday night with two of my girlfriends/coworkers. It was beyond a blast! I made a baked brie, cooked homemade pizzas, chocolate chip cake for dessert, LOTS of wine and Magic Mike. I had never watched it before, that shiz was bananas. Perfect girl’s night movie! We had good intentions of playing with hair, makeup and nails…but it never happened.

Saturday was spent enjoying a morning snow, eating sticky buns and having bloody’s, chasing down a BAD DOG that ran into the woods (I guess he wanted to go sledding with the kids that were out there), shoe shopping, las palmas (hello cheese dip) and lots of TV watching/puppy cuddle time.



Sunday was spent taking pup for a loooong run, finishing the dining room chairs, cleaning, shopping for the house (see below), a loooong bath, some fettuccine alfredo and vino, a little football and some more puppy cuddles.

When the hubs is away…this girl gets things DONE but takes time to enjoy “me” time. He comes home tonight and I am sooooooo excited to have him back. I’ve missed the little sucker.

Mirror for over buffet in dining room…4’x3′



Chair for vanity in master bath. I’ll be recovering it and removing that terrible stained white pleather. I already bent the leg back into place. The copper patina really works with the colors in the bathroom:


Weekend Crafting

I did too much over the weekend. I truly wore myself out to the point of *almost* a breakdown. I just get focused on things and cannot slow down until they’re finished. I cleaned the house from top to bottom (blisters to prove it), took Wilson for long runs and then got my craft on.

I made the blue pillows on the bed:


I recovered the dining room chairs. Seeing that they are over 70 years old, I took everything off from the bottom up and put on new foam, batting and fabric. Now they really compliment the blue walls in the dining room:


Recap of blue walls (pre-furniture):


I created a bench cushion. I made the piping from scratch, then stitched this 75″x20″ cushion. I still need to make the other one, but seeing as this took me 7 hours…the other will have to wait a little:


It was a VERY productive, yet very tiring weekend.

Busy little weekend…

Friday we went to a weimaraner rescue silent auction. It was amazing and the turnout was great! I hope they were able to raise a ton of money for those babies in need. I also can’t wait and pray to have one of them to call our own.

Saturday was an early start as we started looking at lawn mowers, and other things we will need for our home. As we begin budgeting it’s good to see what’s out in the market and what the approx cost of things are! We then headed to our home to write Bible verses on the walls and studs.

In master bedroom…

Living room fireplace…



Guest bedroom…

Time for a little where’s Waldo…

Saturday evening we had dinner with some friends at one of my favorite restaurants!

Sunday we had brunch with some friends and their precious little ones. They are also building a home right now so it was great to talk about the work that goes into this type of thing. Then we went vintage hunting, topped with a smidge of antiquing!

We came out of it with the entryway chandelier (antique bronze with clear seedy glass), the mirror for our downstairs half bath (3’x4′ antique silver oval), and a perfect GIANT hurricane globe for our master entryway. I can just see it stuffed with wine corks, Christmas ornaments or many other goodies. These photos do NOT do the items justice at all…

Tuesday Tangents

Yesterday was hot, like super hot. Too hot to run, but I did it anyway. Regretted it about half way through, but I finished, barely. That’s what I get for skipping my 5am run.

Our sink came in yesterday. I heard rumors it’s the only one in the country. Start practicing your best “But daddy, I want an oompa loompa nooooooooooow” impression. Kidding.

I stuck a water bottle inside to show you a size comparison because this bad boy is a MONSTER. Hello pink sneaks!

Then, in true “us” fashion, we stuck ourselves inside…just to see if we could. Success.

Yup…we’re pretty awesome.

I’m working on some baby shower invites, so hoping to show those soon! Bonus…I’ll show all the ones they didn’t chose.

I’m in the crafting mood…what to make, what to make? I am making 3 different types of muffins this week, so I guess that’s making soooooomething. Maybe my wordless wednesday tomorrow will provide some motivation.